Christmas Novena – The Traditional Christmas Novena, as prayed in Colombia.

Christmas Novena

The Traditional Christmas Novena, as prayed in Colombia.

Christmas Novena screenshot 0Christmas Novena screenshot 1Christmas Novena screenshot 2Christmas Novena screenshot 3

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The traditional Christmas Novena, which for decades has been prayed fervently for devoted people throughout Colombia.

★ Designed for latest versions of Android.
★ Lightweight and fast. Sometimes, simple is just better.
★ Includes historical and cultural background related to the Christmas Novena.
★ No internet connection required. You install this app and you can use it everywhere.
★ No ads. No one likes to be annoyed by ads when praying, or to accidentally open a webpage they didn’t intend to visit.
★ No donations asked for. If you want to show your gratitude, do not give me your money: it is better that you help someone in need near you this Christmas.
★ Not sponsored. People don’t like that companies put their name in people’s prayers.
★ Available in english and spanish. For Colombian people outside our country which want to teach some of our culture and traditions to foreign people.

Permissions and Security:
★ No permissions requested.
★ No malware. Verified at VirusTotal:

Detail information and download apk file:


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