WineClr – Enjoy great wines, share good times.


Enjoy great wines, share good times.

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WineClr is a mobile application designed to give you wine pairing recommendations at the restaurant or wine retailer where you currently are. Use WineClr to share your wine experiences with others, see what your friends and experts are enjoying and be part of a thriving community. Explore the fascinating world of wine, and become an expert yourself!

* TV 13C – Tecnociencia
“To everyone who doesn’t know much about wines, an app created to find wine pairing recommendations. WineClr helps to choose the best wine for a restaurant meal or to buy at the supermarket for home cooking…”

* Radio Cooperativa – Linkeados
“Wine pairings using your smartphone…”

* La Tercera – Wine and smartphone, a perfect pairing.
“If we want to read what people say in simple terms about wines available at specific venues, WineClr is a good choice, because it allows us to get access to a huge number of recommendations…”

* – WineClr, an application for wine lovers.
“Thanks to the GPS technology, we can get recommendations for wine and food pairings that are appropriate and available at the moment and place where we currently are…”

See more information and download apk file for android:


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