GILDE Gourmet Guide – The App of the guild of Swiss restaurateurs

GILDE Gourmet Guide

The App of the guild of Swiss restaurateurs

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“Who does not enjoy, is inedible.”


Gourmet Guide … when on the go!

GUILD Gourmet Guide, the app of the Swiss Guild of Established restaurateurs is free and assists you in finding guild restaurants in your area.

Only just 1 percent of all dining establishments in Switzerland belongs to the guild. And these 300 farms meet specific criteria: carefully prepared, fresh produce, creative cuisine, an attentive care of the guests and the personal commitment of the host. Guild restaurants offer a wide range for everyone and for every taste. Because you can once simple and rustic dining, the next time währschaft-opulent or on special occasions romantic and luxurious. So is a visit to a Gilde-Restaurants for culinary and social event – and this particular guild Ambiance experience as guests in the simple dining room, in the historic country inn or in the gourmet temple.

The guild farms are connected to their region, to their village. In these native plants policy for generations made in Säli, find moving meetings held, unforgettable family celebrations are celebrated – these you will find the “life” instead.

The restaurants listed here are generally performed only by members and their partners, restaurateurs are reported.

All guild-companies, from small country pub is across the country inn and gourmet restaurant, have one thing in common: to pamper you and to prepare you some enjoyable, carefree hours of life.

• On the map you will find restaurants and guild-guild-partner in your area or anywhere in Switzerland
• Find restaurants over the village or the operation name
• Contact with the guild restaurants on via phone, e-mail, Web or route
• Get to know the guild and your philosophy

We look forward to welcoming you in one of our restaurants you soon.

Your guild restaurants

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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