SecureMe Active – SecureMe Active turns your phone into a mobile personal security system.

SecureMe Active

SecureMe Active turns your phone into a mobile personal security system.

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SecureMe Active turns your phone or tablet into a mobile personal security system.

It is always connected to help. It goes where you go, and provides peace of mind when you are walking, running, biking…or any other activity where you have your device with you.

SecureMe Active includes several unique monitors and alarms: panic buttons, fall detection, geotracking, phone motion, power, battery, Bluetooth and headset monitors.

If you feel threatened or panicked, it can summon help with a single discrete gesture.

If you fall down, and don’t interact with the system when prompted, it can summon help without intervention.

A 4-digit PIN code provides security and authorizes access to disarm the device and change app settings.

When SecureMe Active is launched, all of the monitors and fall detection are started automatically. You have flexible control over timers, audio alarms, fall sensitivity and summoning help.

SecureMe Active will operate in the foreground or background. If you move the app to the background, it will continue to monitor for falls or panic buttons such as disconnecting the headset. This allows you to listen to music or other activities while the security app runs.

Both silent and loud Panic Buttons are provided. They can be defined as a tap on the screen, disconnecting the headset, power, or Bluetooth.

When a Panic Button is initiated or fall or detected, the app sends distress email messages to a social contact, which include your contact information, a description and audio recording of the incident, your GPS location, address and a map.

SecureMe Active displays tips on operation – tap the screen to start a Panic Button, swipe the screen to disarm an alarm, etc. You can turn off these display tips once you are familiar with the operation of the app.

SecureMe is protection you can take with you, connected to instant response when you need it. You deserve the added security of SecureMe Active. The cost of the app is low compared to the value of what you are protecting.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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