SecurePhone – Protect your Android devices with SecurePhone


Protect your Android devices with SecurePhone

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SecurePhone is a security alarm system that protects Android devices: phones, tablets and music players. It is useful in many situations when the device is not in your immediate possession and not secure; at the beach or swimming pool, playing team sports, in your shopping cart, or even at work stepping away from your desk.


– Personal security application for Android phones, tablets, music players
– Alarms and encumbers the device when disturbed, and dispatches distress email
– Flexible user control: timers, alarms, sensitivity, dispatch
– PIN security to arm, disarm or access/change setting
– Notifies owner of battery state and device’s location when battery goes to Low or Critical

SecurePhone detects when your device is lifted or moved or disconnected from power. When your protected device is disturbed, it sounds an audio alarm, and if available, strobes the camera flash, alerting that the device is being stolen. When the device alarms, a distress email is sent every 15 seconds until the device is disarmed. The distress email includes device identification and description, owner contact information, GPS location and a map.

A 4-digit PIN code provides security and authorizes access to arm and disarm the device, and change the app settings. Once armed, the phone is encumbered until disarmed with the PIN, reducing the value of the device to thieves.

You have flexible control over timers, audio alarms, motion sensitivity and dispatching the distress email. With one touch, the app can quickly launch and automatically arm and protect the device.

When you are away from your phone or tablet, don’t worry; just arm SecurePhone, and let the app watch the device for you.

The cost of the app is low compared to the value of what you are protecting. Your Android devices deserve the added security of SecurePhone.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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