Numerology of Syncronia – Numerology of Syncronia

Numerology of Syncronia

Numerology of Syncronia

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This application is aimed to help you in the process of knowing yourself as well as the people you love and you want to help. It is based on the research and synthesis performed by Sergio Melnick, along with the research, structuring and editing work of the team of the Academy of Holistic Studies Syncronia (

Its foundations are in Jungian psychology and Pythagorean numerology, where the qualitative aspect of numbers represent the elementary vibrations on which our reality is constructed.

This numerology application builds a “life experience” map of each person and includes unprecedented formulas and meanings that have never been disclosed massively so far. The map is organized on quadrants, which assemble several numbers and their meanings about:

I. Who Am I?: The “essential being” that allows you to know who you really are in depth, both consciously and unconsciously, to behave accordingly in your environment.
II. How do I behave?: The “personality” that reveals how you live in your environment along with others, with society and with the world in order to achieve learning that suits you.
III. What do I experience and when?: To learn the mystery of your own life through earthly experiences, which will allow you to fulfill tasks and resolve the conflicts that arise.
IV. What are my main conflicts and tasks?: The unconscious shadow that keeps you from acknowledging the conflicts and tasks that will let you discover who you are.

Additionally, the application provides information about the “Current numbers”, i.e. the numbers of the year, month and day that influence you and get updated daily according to the current date, and the “balance” numbers, that reflect the core personal structure and make you prone to certain actions, illnesses, relationships, etc.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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