Engelzahlen – Engelbotschaften – Which angel forces in numbers – angels' messages

Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften

Which angel forces in numbers – angels’ messages

Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften screenshot 0Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften screenshot 1Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften screenshot 2Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften screenshot 3Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften screenshot 4Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften screenshot 5Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften screenshot 6Engelzahlen - Engelbotschaften screenshot 7

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What angel forces in figures – Angel Messages

Jutta Feuzi is one of the leading experts deutschprachigen angel that deals particularly with angel figures, angels and angelic names rituals.

Numbers are not only for counting because – because behind them are hidden powerful energies. This app reveals the hidden relationship between the forces of the numbers and the angelic world:

• Annual Angel
• Engel number of days 1-31
• Weekly angel
• House numbers
• angel’s message for the numbers 1-144
• Angel figures of the 12 months of the year

The heavenly power of the angels combined with practical Numerology: valuable inspiration and practical advice for all the important questions of life.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/lifestyle


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