Self Alignment Trial – A Self Work App That Is Thought Provoking Inspiration Creating Conscious Change

Self Alignment Trial

A Self Work App That Is Thought Provoking Inspiration Creating Conscious Change

Self Alignment Trial screenshot 0Self Alignment Trial screenshot 1Self Alignment Trial screenshot 2Self Alignment Trial screenshot 3Self Alignment Trial screenshot 4Self Alignment Trial screenshot 5Self Alignment Trial screenshot 6Self Alignment Trial screenshot 7Self Alignment Trial screenshot 8Self Alignment Trial screenshot 9Self Alignment Trial screenshot 10Self Alignment Trial screenshot 11Self Alignment Trial screenshot 12Self Alignment Trial screenshot 13Self Alignment Trial screenshot 14

A Self Work App That Is Thought Provoking Inspiration Creating Conscious Change In Your BEing.

These High Vibrational Self Alignment Cards have 40 Questions, 40 Energy Essence Paintings and 40 Affirmations which share clarity and bring responsibility back to self in the life experience and beyond.

“In Raising Your Own Vibration/Frequency, You Must First Be One With Yourself Before You Can BE One With All That Is”

Question: This brings responsibility back to You instantly in the now moment. Acknowledging the truth that resonates at Your Core Being brings awareness to self and in awareness You have choice to align how You live, to how You truly think, feel, speak and BE as ONE frequency.

Painting: Delivers energy essences, aspects of consciousness that are a rebalancing of dimensional truth, a conscious shift in the Authentic Self that is in LOVE to the Core of Your True BEing.

Affirmation: Empowers You with a conscious shift in focus raising Your own vibration and bringing balance into Your whole self in BEing.

This app can be intuitively used to raise consciousness and take responsibility in the life You choose to create. Many meditate on the paintings, the questions and the affirmations. The list of uses is limitless in giving You insights and understanding to what You are creating and creating new habits in BEing.

“I use the Self – Alignment Cards when I am unsure of something. They always re assure me of what I am doing is the right way to go, if not they give me an indication of what to do to get on the right track. I used the cards to help me decide on the University that I was going to attend, ultimately the biggest decision of my life and now I know it was the right decision.” – Melissa

“I have Alison’s Self Alignment Cards and use them on a regular basis…I ask myself a general question, shuffle the cards and take the one that falls out or just stop shuffling and take the top card…The Question and answer are very much aligned with my thinking. I use them as confirmation for myself and my direction.” – Kaye
“I use them when my head is going around in circles!! Gives me the ‘true’ question and answer’…then I go with it.” – Steph

“Every morning when I arrive at work, I draw a card and read it to my workmate. We then discuss what we the card means to us. In no time at all we are into a very deep and meaningful conversation. The cards have changed the way we react to situations in life. Making our life journey’s easier.” – Carolyn


Trial version includes 5 cards only for you to journey with. Please check out the full version at


Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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