E.V.A -Assistant – E.V.A is an app that was made under the concept of artificial intelligence.

E.V.A  -Assistant

E.V.A is an app that was made under the concept of artificial intelligence.

E.V.A  -Assistant screenshot 0E.V.A  -Assistant screenshot 1E.V.A  -Assistant screenshot 2E.V.A  -Assistant screenshot 3E.V.A  -Assistant screenshot 4E.V.A  -Assistant screenshot 5

E.V.A is voice activated, made with the concept of Artificial Intelligence in mind.
Inspired by ‘Jarvis’ in the movie Iron Man, E.V.A provides similar functionality, making your work fun and easier.
E.V.A greets you good morning, and tells you the date and time as well as many other functions.
– Speaks back to you

– Tells the time and date

– Greetings and interactions

– Opens Music Player, Whattsapp , and other apps

– Light and easy to use

Full Features:
– Announces incoming notifications

– Planner

– Alarm notify

– Web search

– Makes Calls

– Writes and reads your messages

For android 2.0 to 3.0 an internet connection is required to convert spoken word into text.
For android 4.0 upwards, Google has offline speech recognition pre-installed, therefore no internet connection required for this function.
More functions will be available with future updates.

Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com


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