Muslim App – Application For Muslims with Qibla Direction And Prayer Time

Muslim App

Application For Muslims with Qibla Direction And Prayer Time

Muslim App screenshot 0Muslim App screenshot 1Muslim App screenshot 2Muslim App screenshot 3Muslim App screenshot 4Muslim App screenshot 5Muslim App screenshot 6Muslim App screenshot 7Muslim App screenshot 8Muslim App screenshot 9Muslim App screenshot 10Muslim App screenshot 11Muslim App screenshot 12Muslim App screenshot 13Muslim App screenshot 14Muslim App screenshot 15Muslim App screenshot 16Muslim App screenshot 17

Muslim App is best application for the Muslims, this application is a free that can help increase the faith and worship of the Muslim companions with features :

1. prayer schedule according to your location
2. Reminder prayer to remind you at the time of prayer
3. Instructions Qiblah direction that will help you in giving the direction of Qibla in prayers
4. Short letter
5. There are writings of the Koran, Transliteration English, and translations in Indonesian and English to increase your reading comprehension.
6. Multi language equipped with English and Indonesian,

We hope that this application can increase the faith and devotion of the friends of Muslims.

Download apk file for android:


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