Buydoor – Comprar y vender – The social application for buying and selling second-hand. "GARAGE SALE 2.0"

Buydoor - Comprar y vender

The social application for buying and selling second-hand. "GARAGE SALE 2.0"

Buydoor - Comprar y vender screenshot 0Buydoor - Comprar y vender screenshot 1Buydoor - Comprar y vender screenshot 2Buydoor - Comprar y vender screenshot 3Buydoor - Comprar y vender screenshot 4Buydoor - Comprar y vender screenshot 5

Buydoor is the first social application for buying and selling second-hand goods, where you can connect with buyers and sellers quickly and securely in your area.


✔ Find the best deals in your area.
✔ Buy and sell easily and quickly anything.
✔ Be aware of new posts from people you follow.
✔ Talk directly with buyers and sellers.


Post your ad for free in a few simple steps. It is as fast as taking a picture of the item you wish to advertise, and the rest is put the name, price and category to which it belongs.


One advantage of Buydoor is that it shows a list of items in order of distance from your current location. By choosing one of these items, you have the option to accept the offer or discuss the price. The negotiations do directly with the seller through the chat. The rest is left in the place where you get what you bought, and go!


✔ Search by category: is just the items in categories that interest you.
✔ Favorites List: add the items you want to watch later.
✔ social environment: implements features that allow you to interact more easily with other users.
✔ Negotiations without intermediary: speaks directly to the user via the built-in chat App.
✔ Follow vendors: is the first to discover great opportunity to get directly into a second wall, the new publications of the users you follow.
✔ fans Search: it encourages others to follow you. This is a way to show front-page articles that newly public.
✔ Befriend: Please list all your friends using Buydoor. It will be useful to access your profile, see their posts or contact them quickly.
✔ Rate and comment: involved in creating an environment for buying and selling safer, making valuations users with whom you negotiate.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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