Ayunda – Aneka Tips Wanita – Assorted Tips & Tutorials Practical Women of Hijab, Makeup until Body Slim

Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita

Assorted Tips & Tutorials Practical Women of Hijab, Makeup until Body Slim

Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita screenshot 0Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita screenshot 1Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita screenshot 2Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita screenshot 3Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita screenshot 4Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita screenshot 5Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita screenshot 6Ayunda - Aneka Tips Wanita screenshot 7

Ayunda, meaning Elder Sister, answering any questions the ladies as How to Wear Hijab Paris , Pashmina Hijab , Hijab Quadrilateral , How to Eliminate Acne and Blackheads , How Slimming Body , Whiten Skin and others.

Comes with the motto ‘Big Sister For Every Girl’ Ayunda accompany your days with great joy.

This application is well suited to meet the needs of women to information that is short, quick, but useful.

Ayunda applications have various categories:

> Fashion , contains a mix and match fashion tips and the latest information about the world of women’s fashion, including everything that is a trend today
> Health and Beauty , contains tips needed by women to make themselves more healthy and beautiful in a natural way
> Clothing , a special category for women hijab. Contains the latest trends regarding dunai Muslim clothing complete tutorial and coherent padannya
> Food , special categories of Ayunda for women who love the culinary world. Contains hangout is being discussed and also practical recipes that can be tried at home with readily available ingredients.

Ayunda are mandatory application for modern women and practical.

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/lifestyle


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