FoodCircles – Your Hunger is Powerful. 100% of Every Purchase Donated to Feed Hungry Children.


Your Hunger is Powerful. 100% of Every Purchase Donated to Feed Hungry Children.

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Your hunger is powerful. Do something simple, and yet truly extraordinary with it.

FoodCircles lets you try a dish at a local restaurant for $1 or more, and sends 100% of your purchase to provide one (or more) hungry children dinner. Every $1 you spend feeds one child, via the hunger nonprofit of your choice.

Once you make a purchase, simply show the server of your chosen restaurant to redeem alongside regularly purchased food or drink. You can buy vouchers for friends, strangers, and of course, for your own dinner plans.

“That’s the most convenient part about FoodCircles; you don’t have to go out of your way to help a life-changing organization.” –

“The app lets users buy a local special — an appetizer or dessert — for $1 and donates 100 percent of the purchase to either World Vision to feed kids in West Africa or Kids’ Food Basket to feed kids locally.” –

“I have kids of my own and so I think about others who may not be as fortunate as my family is. We need to help where we can and do whatever little bit we can.” – Shaun Wooden GM Red Jet Cafe,

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