Gute Vorsätze 2016 – Objectives 2016 Talking Vision Board, positive affirmations

Gute Vorsätze 2016

Objectives 2016 Talking Vision Board, positive affirmations

Gute Vorsätze 2016 screenshot 0Gute Vorsätze 2016 screenshot 1Gute Vorsätze 2016 screenshot 2Gute Vorsätze 2016 screenshot 3Gute Vorsätze 2016 screenshot 4Gute Vorsätze 2016 screenshot 5Gute Vorsätze 2016 screenshot 6

The app is the “little brother” of our APP “Positive Affirmations”.

(German APP, ad-free, used offline)

Most resolutions that can be filled with hope, often of the year, makes fail after a short time.
To ensure that this will no longer happen is this app as a coach for the “good intentions” and reminds you it regularly so that you can keep you in focus and will with your will and the fixed objective then achieve.
Our realistic goals you bow in frustration. Using an image as an anchor, you program your subconscious mind. You use the “power of images” and put behind an image in which the target is already satisfied. Your subconscious mind stores this information (header & picture) and will consider in regular consideration the circumstances in your life that are conducive to the achievement of objectives.

You play with the app from your future successes over and over again and are programming with this mental motivation technique your subconscious to goal achievement. This proven technology is also used in professional sports and in management training.

The free version provides a starting point to work with the set according to surveys most destinations.
You can here
– Mark existing resolutions and play
– Tell you when your intentions daily
– Installing a home screen widget with your intentions
– Play the intentions with announcements
– Replace the existing announcements against their own recordings, you equal your penguin in the APP,

After buying the “PRO functions” (2.99 €) within the app, you can
– Formulate and add new resolutions
– Edit or delete existing attachments
Use your own images (Gallery, SD card) to the existing and added intentions –

CHITAO – Apps for health, happiness, ease
Ad-free, reliable, useful apps

Greetings from Andalusia

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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