Social Power – Social Power makes your household electricity visible in your life.

Social Power

Social Power makes your household electricity visible in your life.

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Do you really know how much electricity your household consumes? Do you know when it is useful to turn off your electric appliances? Want more tips and tricks to make energy saving easy?

Social Power is an App that makes your household electricity visible in your life. You can use the App to better visualize your household electricity use and get to know your own habits better.

But mostly Social Power is a game that you play with your family and neighbors to earn points by completing energy-related activities and earn points and knowledge in energy saving, energy efficiency and load shifting.

In addition, you can receive valuable tips on how to optimize your electricity use, and with these you can further improve your performance. Will your household be the best at saving electricity?

The App is in three languages: Italian, English and German.


● track your household electricity consumption in a personalized way with easy-to-read visuals;
● watch the changes of your electricity use over the weeks;
● see the effect of your actions and become an active part in the reduction and shifting of your load peaks;
● play with your team, challenge yourself and your mates, complete activities, and learn collaboratively how to save electricity;
● collect tips and share good practices and optimise your consumption;
● interact with your neighbor and achieve a social energy-saving goal within a ‘neighborhood contest’;
● become an expert in energy saving raising your awareness level.


A change in how individuals consume energy represents a crucial contribution to a more collective and sustainable lifestyle adoption and is a key step in fighting climate change. Looking at everyday energy consumption activities we can easily adopt new perspectives and opt for more energy-efficient choices. Spreading good practices we can have fun with friends, family and neighbors.


Social Power is a research project run by SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Art) and ZHAW (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften) in collaboration with QBT sagl and Sparkling Labs and the support of the local electricity suppliers of Massagno (AEM) and Winterthur (Stadtwerk Winterthur).

The entire Social Power project aims to launch a “neighborhood contest” to actively involve citizens in a community-based process of social innovation.


Learn more about us: socialpower_ch
Social Power Blog:
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Have questions or feedback? Contact us at

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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