Feller zeptrion – Remotely control lights and blinds equipped with zeptrion WLAN devices.

Feller zeptrion

Remotely control lights and blinds equipped with zeptrion WLAN devices.

Feller zeptrion screenshot 0Feller zeptrion screenshot 1Feller zeptrion screenshot 2Feller zeptrion screenshot 3Feller zeptrion screenshot 4Feller zeptrion screenshot 5Feller zeptrion screenshot 6Feller zeptrion screenshot 7Feller zeptrion screenshot 8Feller zeptrion screenshot 9Feller zeptrion screenshot 10Feller zeptrion screenshot 11Feller zeptrion screenshot 12Feller zeptrion screenshot 13Feller zeptrion screenshot 14

***Contemporary remote control***
Feller’s innovative zeptrion App turns smartphones and tablets into a remote control for all Feller zeptrion light and blind functions. The straightforward and easily understandable operating concept makes child’s play of controlling lighting and blinds. Users are able to adapt the zeptrion App to suit their individual needs, for example rename functions or assign appropriate symbols and so on. Favourites, function groups and rooms guarantee quick and easy navigation.

Feller’s zeptrion App is designed to allow users to remotely control lights and blinds equipped with zeptrion WLAN devices.

***App features***
•Straightforward, intuitive Feller operating concept
•Rapid navigation via favourites, rooms and functions
•Time-saving personal settings such as function names, symbols, sequences
•User definable scenes for sophisticated flexibility
•Demo version possible (no WLAN connection)
•Create your own favourites and scenes

***Hardware features***
•The zeptrion App works in the same WLAN-based home network as the Feller zeptrion WLAN devices intermediate module 2C and extension unit 4C
•zeptrion WLAN intermediate module 2C: easy to install between cavity back boxes and face plate sets, compatible with all zeptrion inserts from 2008 and onwards
•zeptrion WLAN extension unit 4C: extension unit, max. 4 channels
•Feller zeptrion WLAN devices are available from professional electrical outlets

•Phone: portrait
•Tablet: portrait and landscape

*** Links ***

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/lifestyle


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