Kuddly – Pet Care 24/7 – All pets deserve world-class care. Access vets worldwide, from your phone.

Kuddly - Pet Care 24/7

All pets deserve world-class care. Access vets worldwide, from your phone.

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Admit it; your fur baby is family. So given the choice, when concerns arise about your four-legged friend, would you rather rely on advice from “Dr. Internet,” or an actual licensed veterinarian? Whether you have a question about your pet’s physical condition, or simply need advice about their everyday health and wellness, Kuddly is your on-call solution. Our app connects you to veterinarians worldwide through Live Chat texting and Inbox email messages. And don’t worry about office hours. Kuddly vets are available whenever and wherever you need them. We believe ALL pets deserve world-class wellness, and we’re here to provide the borderless care they deserve.

For Consumers:
– NO pet insurance required
– Get affordable, professional advice for your pet anytime, anywhere
– Access licensed veterinarians around the world
– Search for vets by price and language
– Your identity remains anonymous

For Vets:
– FREE to join – NO membership or subscription fees
– Be on call, on your terms
– Set your own price and start earning supplemental income
– Simply complete your profile to become a borderless vet helping pets worldwide
– We’ve got you covered with professional liability insurance

Kuddly is a supplemental service offering professional answers to everyday questions about your pet’s health and wellness. Kuddly is not a substitute for an in-office exam. Veterinarians on Kuddly do not provide diagnosis or prescribe medications. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian if your pet is presenting a serious medical condition. Contact your local veterinarian hospital if your pet needs urgent care.

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/lifestyle


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