AkitaTamagoAR – An egg carton of "KIYORA Gourmet" turns into a stage of 3D games!


An egg carton of "KIYORA Gourmet" turns into a stage of 3D games!

AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 0AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 1AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 2AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 3AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 4AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 5AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 6AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 7AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 8AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 9AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 10AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 11AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 12AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 13AkitaTamagoAR screenshot 14


An egg package of “KIYORA Gourmet” turns into a stage of 3D games!
Capture a label with your camera using “augmented reality”(AR), then “NEBIENEKO” starts moving!

[ How to play ]
Activate “AkitaTamagoAR” and tap “AR camera”, then aim your camera at the label of “KIYORA Gourmet”.
When your camera recognizes the image, “NEBIENEKO” will appear from the right side.
When NEBIENEKO lies on a plate, the game will start!

Your smartphone becomes like a frying pan!

Put frying pan right above the NEBIENEKO and tilt your smartphone to the right/left, then you can put an “egg comforter” on NEBIENEKO.
*Use your smartphone in Landscape mode.

◆NEBIENEKO will show various faces, according to how quick you tilt your smartphone.
(NEBIENEKO’s faces are of 6 types)

◆You might see special NEBIENEKO’s face which could not be seen on TV commercial!

◆You can take a screenshot tapping the camera icon.

◆Share screenshots on twitter, Facebook or instagram!

Find a lot of cute NEBIENEKO’s faces!

* When camera goes off the egg package, the game suspends.

AkitaTamagoAR recognizes only “ten-pack KIYORA Gourmet”.
It DOES NOT recognize “six pack KIYORA Gorumet”

* Requires Android OS 4.0.4 and above

[ Traceability system (traceability search) ]
Just enter expiration date and 7-digit numbers on egg pack.
Then you can easily see detailed traceability information about such as parent chickens, feedstuff, place to be reared, hygiene control, measure to prevent Salmonella (SE), and these inspection results!

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/lifestyle


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