Call the Angels – Take a moment for yourself and "Call the Angels"

Call the Angels

Take a moment for yourself and "Call the Angels"

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An Angel is a creature of light that lives in the circle of God’s light.
This application contains 156 answers divided into three decks of cards.
Each deck contains 52 cards , just as many angels as intermediaries between heaven and earth.
Take a moment for yourself, “Call the Angels ” and ask.
Make yourself aware of their presence.
Through these cards the Angels will answer you.

How to use the application :
– Find a quiet place , choose a place that you particularly like.
– Make yourself comfortable , at ease , you might even light a candle.
– Breathe with peace of mind.
– Empty your mind , the important thing is to feel in tune with the Angel and ready to receive the message that is coming.
– Call the Angels and ask that they give an accurate answer to your question .
– Think hard or read your question.
– Choose the type of deck of cards between the three proposed .
– Select a card from the 52 proposals. ( The Angels are intermediaries between heaven and earth 52)
– If you do not understand the answer, ask the Angels and take another card .
– Thank the Angels.

With help of these phrases Angelic, our Angels will give you feedback and tips to your everyday questions.
Ask all your questions about love, knowledge, your desires and aspirations
Give thanks joy, enthusiasm and power of the Divine act, gives you; all the teachings that the supreme creator provides such as growth, change, acceptance, listening heart.
Our Angels teach us the growth of our soul, consciousness, harmony and Divine goodness, giving us faith in God guiding us with optimism and good intentions into a growth and awareness.
These divination cards guide and help us thoughts and feelings to be in harmony.

Con l’aiuto dei queste Frasi Angeliche, i nostri Angeli ti daranno le risposte ed i consigli alle tue domande di vita quotidiana.
Poni tutte le tue domande riguardo all’amore, la conoscenza, i tuoi desideri ed aspirazioni
Rendi grazie della gioia, l’entusiasmo e la forza di volontà che l’agire Divino, ti dona; tutti gli insegnamenti che il creatore supremo fornisce come la crescita, il cambiamento, l’accettazione, l’ascolto del proprio cuore.
I nostri Angeli ci insegnano la crescita della propria anima, la consapevolezza, l’armonia e la bontà Divina, dandoci fede in Dio guidandoci con ottimismo e buone intenzioni in un percorso di crescita e presa di coscienza.
Queste carte divinatorie guidano e aiutano i nostri pensieri e sentimenti a stare in armonia.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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