SamePinch—Ask.Assist.Attain. – Get free expert advice & answers to your questions from the Same Pinch community


Get free expert advice & answers to your questions from the Same Pinch community

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The “SamePinch—Ask.Assist.Attain” platform is your facilitator in life matters.

Have a question? need an advice? we provide a platform for you exactly for that—connect with like minded people on the SamePinch—Ask.Assist.Attain community today to help each other right away. We are hyper-local. At ‘same pinch’, you can get expert advice and answers to your questions from other local community members completely free and real time.

In return, you can give your expert advice to other people who are seeking an advice. It feels so good! This is the best way to help each other out—on any topic We facilitate a platform for you. Nothing more. Nothing less.
If there are any trending questions or answers, it is likely that you can find answers to these questions on the Same Pinch app. The Same Pinch app is like Quora but much better in the sense it put’s you infront of people like you in leading better life. Even as anonymously. Whether you are looking for an advice related to any area such as studies, relationship, very personal matters or anything else that leads to a better life, the Same Pinch community is your companion for life! People in the Same Pinch Community are making using of our platform by connecting with other people via shared interests.

The hyper-local community of like-minded people on the “SamePinch” app seek-give-learn advices from each-other via common interests.

We provide a platform for you to:
Have a question? Need an advice? just ask. Our community got your back.
Been there, done that? advice someone today. It feels so good.
Nothing to Ask? Can’t Assist? checkout vivid collection of posts by our community members around you.
All of your objectives can be accomplished completely as “anonymously” too.
Come join the momentum today

We are constantly improving SamePinch—Ask.Assist.Attain platform for you and millions like you. So, we need your support in doing so. Give us a good rating. More importantly tell your friends about us.

Just incase if you need to reach us, please feel free to email us for anything or even if you just want to say hi. We would love to hear from you.

When you do like our community and/or app (we are sure you do), please take a moment to rate us here and also share a word about us among your friends and family.


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