SLink – SLinkSLink is a smartphone and a vehicle terminal equipment (AVN) interworking applications. Movies, music and photos, as well as destinations are also linked.


SLinkSLink is a smartphone and a vehicle terminal equipment (AVN) interworking applications. Movies, music and photos, as well as destinations are also linked.

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SLink is a smartphone and navigation application works. It is connected to Wi-fi dongle.

– Easy to apply innovative destination setting function
Before getting in the car with your smartphone and search for a destination, you can finish the set destination. Geolmyeon start-up to start automatically guided to the destination entered on the smartphone. To start the search, under the destination input, you do not have to wait until navigation is booted. It can also use Google search by voice to search for a destination on a smartphone it was more convenient. Search a destination You can also register as a search is stored in smart phones and car navigation both enjoy.

– More complete smartphone works program
SLink are available through the navigation screen, the stored music, videos and photos on a smartphone in the car and while interlocking smartphone can use the phone and messages. Existing SD card, eliminating the hassle of USB solves the shortcomings of the mirror link (Mirror link).
The main menu consists of SLink music and video, gallery, SmartSearch. Enjoy music and videos from your smartphone on the big screen was used for car navigation. In addition, the gallery can be enlarged using the screen and slide show function. Here also it provides PIP feature allows you to play videos and music with navigation directions simultaneously.
The music and video can be followed and listening ear View. Driving back from the broken part that was subsequently to play.

– SLink interlocking hardware
In February 2016 the current ssieneseu My Links Dean RX8000, RX330, AX800, RX8500, IX100T available navigation and interaction. The possible use of the navigation terminal will continue to be added.

[main function]

1. Smart Search Smart sseochi
    The destination search settings to work with your smartphone navigation.

2. Smart Music Smart Music
    Play music on your smartphone, in the navigation. The hearing ear support functions.

3. Smart Movie Smart Movie
    Play the video in the navigation on your smartphone. The lead support viewing.

4. Smart Gallery Smart Gallery
    Try the navigation smartphone photos.

5. SMS notifications
    Show the message is received while using a smartphone SLink on the navigation screen shows a TTS voice reading.

6. KakaoTalk notification
    The use of KakaoTalk received SLink shows the navigation screen shows a TTS voice reading.

7. Email Notification
    An email (Gmail) receiving in use SLink shows on the screen to read a TTS voice.

8. The incoming call notification
    Inform the receiving phone being used SLink the navigation screen “during operation … also outgoing message.

9. calendar reminders
    Inform the schedule for Google Calendar SLink use of the navigation screen provides a TTS voice reading.

10. Battery Notification
      SLink tells the smartphone battery is less than 15% when in use.

11. SLink auto-start services
     App (APP) SLink will start automatically when it runs. Tethering is also automatically turned on.

12. Privacy Mode
      It does not receive any notification of the smartphone for privacy.

13. Other features
      Will be a variety of convenient features it added.

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