Download 웅진북클럽 라운지 1.0.8 by 웅진북클럽 for Android

웅진북클럽 라운지 apk
웅진북클럽 라운지 apk

Woongjin book club is a service that allows you to see a reading / study information of a child and meet a variety of members-only benefits. 웅진북클럽 라운지 is offered by 웅진북클럽. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.8

In Woongjin book club lounge provides information and benefits of Woongjin Think Big Book Club members only.
You can use the contractor must receive a certificate as a book club information.

 – MY ROOM: Book Club provides contract information
 – Eye ROOM: Provides a history of child reading activities and learning (Book Club / Study / Together)
 – Post: Book Club members also related to custom news
 – Event: Members-only events
 – Curation Mall: Special Offers various products, such as culture, education and parish complete works, concert tickets.
    (Available as a book club points and mileage)
 – Book Club NEWS: Notice Book Club
 – Book Club 119: members Frequently Asked Questions
 – Book Club White Paper advantage: you can take advantage of better access to the book club TIP

What’s New

1.0.8 업데이트

– 캐시 충전 오류 개선

1.0.7 업데이트

– 「엄마의 서재」 메뉴 추가

– 기타 버그 수정

1.0.6 업데이트

– 통합인증 로그인 화면 적용

– 기타 버그 수정


웅진북클럽 라운지 2017

Download 웅진북클럽 라운지 APK

웅진북클럽 라운지 for Android

Download 웅진북클럽 라운지 for Android

Download 웅진북클럽 라운지 APK for Android

웅진북클럽 라운지 1.0.8 screenshot

웅진북클럽 라운지 screenshot 0웅진북클럽 라운지 screenshot 1웅진북클럽 라운지 screenshot 2웅진북클럽 라운지 screenshot 3

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