Wolt APK lastest version for Android

download Wolt apk
download Wolt apk

Wolt – the easiest way to get food, home-delivered, takeaway or to the table. Wolt is offered by Wolt Enterprises Oy. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: Updating…

Wolt – the easiest way to get food, home-delivered, takeaway or to the table.

** More than 185,000 users already!
** Wired award as one of the hottest startups in Europe.

Available in Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki, Turku and Tampere (Finland) and in Tallin (Estonia) with nearly 650 restaurants with over 550 Wolt couriers on board.


How it works?

Discover the best restaurants in town, pick a place and send your order with a couple taps only. Choose if you want your meal delivered to you, pick it up yourself or eat at the restaurant.

You’ll get minute-by-minute updates on when a human being sees your order and when it’s ready for you.

Should you order delivery, you’ll even see your food arrive to you on a map. Our average delivery time is 30 minutes.

Wolt customer support will have your back in every situation and all the way from 10 am to 10 pm through live chat, phone and email.


Where it works?

Wolt has nearly 185 000 registered users and works in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. We add restaurants weekly and expand our delivery area as demand grows.

Remember to share Wolt with friends to earn credits. Also check out our Facebook groups Wolt & Friends in Finland and Wolt & Vänner in Sweden for all the latest updates and to speak with our friendly folks who are just dying to hear your feedback!


Why use Wolt?

All of us eat 2–5 times a day. Wolt is here to make that experience ever more delightful. Using Wolt to get food frees your time to do the things you love, be it hitting the gym or playing with the kids. It’s also awesome for those preparties, lazy days or Sunday hangovers.

Happy Wolting!

What’s New

– We have a new checkout screen! That means it’s now clearer what delivery method you have selected. You also see a map with the restaurant, your delivery address, your location and the estimated delivery time.

– There’s a new, expandable delivery price field. That means all the fees regarding delivery are transparent.

– We’ve implemented more precise delivery time estimates!

– Also: small bugfixes.


Wolt 2017

Wolt Updating… screenshot

Wolt screenshot 0Wolt screenshot 1Wolt screenshot 2Wolt screenshot 3Wolt screenshot 4Wolt screenshot 5Wolt screenshot 6Wolt screenshot 7

Wolt apk video

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